During the whole year several products from a range of "Gastro Merak" can be found in special promotions with the special benefits of buying.

This promotions can be found at:

- Mercator

- Konzum

- Interex

- Tus

- Drvopromet

- Bingo

- and other in Bosnia and Herzegovina

- in Mercator of Slowenia

- Peny Austria

- Metro Austria
Durable products of beef meat
Durable products of beef meat made from selected parts of the highest quality beef and calf, natural spices, thermally processed in a cool smoke and in the spirit of the Bosnian traditional recipes.
Turkey and beef meat
Semi durable – cooked products from chicken and turkey meat are fine mixture of choosen pounded meat and (or) whole bits from chicken and turkey breasts and thigs with natural spices.
Durable products of turkey meat / Sliced semi-durable products
Durable products of turkey meat are a special group of products that emphasizes its exclusiveness given that offer of similar products on the global market is very scarce.

These products combine traditional taste of smoked meat products fastidious gourmets and high-quality nutritional properties offered in turkey meat.

The production uses only pure turkey meat cleared from bones and skins.




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